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100 WCGU wk 21

This week's challenge is a picture prompt. I quite like picture prompts, they allow so many tangents.

Our classrooms are windows. Children's views are shaped by the pictures we paint, the opportunities they envisage. We are responsible for the window's upkeep: treat it with consistent care and attention and it will open seamlessly to worlds that are beyond their wildest dreams; leave it untouched and those worlds will remain forever out of reach. 
The window is open to the world to view, some outsiders simply point out what is missing from times they spent inside. Others like to castigate and deride. Most smile knowingly, remembering with fondness the people who opened windows for them. People like us.

Between Earth & Sky

I found this chapter I wrote a while ago, for a book that has never been finished. I would really appreciate some feedback.

I've uploaded it as a pdf, which is to protect the original work (just in case I ever finish it!).

100WCGU wk #20

The prompt this week is to use at least one of these for inspiration. …the powers that be  /  the apple of his eye  /   the writing on the wall…
It was early in the Autumn When she took herself away. The trees in our orchard cried leaves for her; She was the apple of their eye, their Mistress.
She said it was, "Inevitable". Powers that be had deemed it so and so it was Fruitless to pursue it.
Her one way trip.
The marks of her passing are writ large on the cold orchard walls. They are writ larger, though, in me.

Homework isn't all bad

On Tuesday, I set the class a task for homework.

Build a rocket or spaceship
Simple, right? Well yes and no. I asked them to spend two weeks and they weren't allowed to cop out and buy a kit, they had to make it - the more homemade the better. There was also a catch to it too, Tuesday next week (29th November) we would have an after school gallery where parents will be invited to attend and see their child's work.
But wait! What about those who have obviously had help? That's allowed - as long as they admit it. There's this stigma attached by some educators to homework because of the notion that parents 'interfere' with homework tasks, so the work isn't a true reflection of the child's capabilities.

I'm really looking forward to bringing the parents into our class and letting them share what we do. Transparency is very important to me as an educator and engaging the parents by enthusing their children is the best tonic for our jaundiced education sy…

Lest We Forget

This week's 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups has an apt prompt this week.

Lest We Forget
My grandfather fought in The Great War. He signed up at 15, forging documents to do his duty. He spoke to my father about the tremendous guilt he felt about the things he did in order to survive. He was a kind and patient man, a quiet man with quiet ambitions. I never asked him about the war. In a way, by not asking I was honouring what he did. He knew he was lucky. I think that was possibly the heaviest of his burdens.
Under the clouds of war, humanity hangs on a cross of iron.  ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Power to the People

I set up a Linoit page on my class blog, asking for the children to come up with things they wanted to learn about in the upcoming weeks.

I must admit, I expected the ideas to be a bit naff, like "Let's build a rocket and fly to the Moon for lunch." etc.

How wrong I was.

Here are some examples of the ideas they came up with:

I was so impressed with the quality of the ideas that they had, that this Wednesday afternoon, we are going to pick the best ideas and put them into the topic for this term. 
Power to the People.