Monday, 24 October 2011

100 Word Challenge week 16

Both images courtesy of Julia Skinner's blog

This week's 100WCGU has to use the following picture prompt from the view of vegetarians. I couldn't decide what to do, so if you'll forgive me, I've attempted it twice. Good luck to me...

Attempt Number 1:
Vegetarian:(waving leaflet) "Do you know that McDonalds bid against Pedigree Chum for their meat consignments?"
Me: "Actually yes, I did."
Vegetarian: "And that there's more chicken in the packaging than in the nuggets."
Me: "I wouldn't be surprised."
Vegetarian: "You should try mung bean burgers. They're scrummy."
Me: "Why? I like the other sort - with meat."
Vegetarian: "That's disgusting. Do you know how many cows died to provide meat for your burgers last year?"
Me: "No, but..."
Vegetarian: "..7 million- and that's just the UK! Do you want to sign my petition?"
Me: "No, I want a Big Mac."

Attempt Number 2:

My wife is a vegetarian. She had never eaten meat. Her sister was the militant; forcing the family to become anti-establishment foodies, spouting the cause in favour of free-range goats & McEvil McConsumerism. Everyone else grew out of it, but Pam, well, she was institutionalised. She told me that it was the chew

"Nothing vegetarian has the resistance of a good slab of beef." 

I tried everything to cure her, but she resisted. Imagine my surprise when I came home to find her tucking into a corned beef sandwich. All it took was a dose of pregnancy. 

6 weeks left.


  1. Good work, Jim!

    I prefer attempt number 1 with the comic twist at the end.

    Is attempt 2 a true story?

  2. Hi Dughall,

    Attempt two is indeed true! I've embellished Pam's sister's militant vegetarianism, but only slightly.