Tuesday, 6 December 2011

100WCGU wk22

Now for this week. Very simple:
…is it me or are bells ringing?….

My 100WCs have tended to be either serious, or sad. I thought that I would attempt to do something slightly more interesting. I must say that the original draft for this challenge was over 300 words, so a lot has been removed, but I hope enough has also been left for people to fill in the gaps for themselves.

"Boy," growled the stranger, "get to the bell tower and tell the monks to ring that bell for all they've got. I'll to the rest." He narrowed his cold, blue eyes and in that moment, the boy didn't know who he was more afraid of. He nodded vigorously and ran.

The stranger turned his back to the boy and stood resolutely at the foot of the bridge, arm casually resting on the hilt of his sword, staring at the enemy. The attackers smirked and drew nearer, almost surrounding him. Without a hint of fear, the stranger smiled,
"Is it me, or are bells ringing?"

He charged.


  1. Lovely writing, well written, Jim.

    Ashamed to say I don't get the reference though...

  2. GSussex Interesting . . . tell us more Jim?!

  3. I liked this piece, Jim. Julia's next prompt should be a battle scene in 100 words...

  4. I like the atmosphere in this but, like Dughall, not enough is left in for me to understand what is happening. You can cut out more excess words to fit in as much story as possible. One suggestion: "Tell the monks to ring that bell hard" buys you 9 words to work with with. You could give us other more important, more colorful details.

    It would be great practice to see if you can get way more into these 100 words. Hope this helps.

  5. Nice one. He wouldn't be someone to fall out with...

  6. Sounds interesting. Please can we have the full 300 word version now? Pretty please?

  7. Interesting and a different take on the prompt. Would like to read more.

  8. Well it's clear to me that the bells were to call in the cavalry, as it were. The smile and casual, confident approach of the stranger is due to the knowledge he has 'back up' and the bells are to signal this.

    Mine (better late than never) is at http://wp.me/p1cFoK-NY