Wednesday, 7 March 2012

100WCGU Week 33

Thank you for your lovely comments on the last piece of writing. It's been one of those weeks, as I've only just got round to publishing them now - sorry!

This week, Julia has given us a picture prompt.

Here goes.

Red Rum - Favourite of the masses, Master of the grasses.
03/05/65 to 18/10/95

Red Rum, originally owned by Noel Le Mare but bought by his trainer Ginger McCain, lived life to the full, overcoming obstacles in the way Dan Dare would do.  He fell just once in over a hundred races. 

His training routine, masterminded by McCain, led him to victory at the Grand National in 1973, then 1974 - becoming the first horse since Reynoldstown back in 1934. He came second twice more and, at the ripe old age of 12, won by a masterly 25 lengths.


  1. Oh my, Red Rum, that is going back some time! A very interesting piece.
    I didn't realise he lived to such a grand old age. Fitting for such a great horse.

  2. What a great tribute and take on the prompt.